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Louis Salemme Jr.

Co-Founder, adfsdvfk

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Louis Salemme Jr.

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Bryan Tamburrino is a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of two impactful organizations, Tangible Analytics Consulting and ReintegrationWorks Inc. Bryan's personal experiences with the legal system and personal reintegration ignited his passion for helping others who are facing similar challenges.

After being released from prison, Bryan faced a number of obstacles in his personal and professional life. Determined to overcome these challenges, he began to develop the skills and knowledge he needed to succeed. With a background in data analysis, Bryan founded Tangible Analytics Consulting, a data-driven consulting firm that helps businesses make better decisions through the use of data.

But Bryan's passion for helping others didn't end there. Along with co-founder Lou, he founded ReintegrationWorks Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the formerly incarcerated population overcome the challenges of re-entry and successfully reintegrate back into society.

Bryan's personal experiences provide him with a unique perspective and expertise that he brings to both of these organizations. His commitment to making a difference in the lives of others has helped countless individuals overcome the challenges of re-entry and build new lives for themselves.

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